2018 Finima Youth Congress Electoral & The Winning Team

Although most people says its just a community election, But what they really don’t know it actually means a lot to the people in this community.

As about ”800+” people waited through the night to the following morning being the 1st of October to hear the Final result.

The election which started 3:00 PM on the 30th of September came to its climax in the early hours of  1st October 2018 due to a slow and steady  process in other to make sure the Election was free, fare, and transparent.

The amount of voters: “1030” persons where registered and ready to vote

Finally The Electoral Result:

The Team Charles Brown, Winners of the Finima youth congress election 2018. They won from the least position to the highest position! Starting from the Provost 1 to the chairmanship position. They dusted their opponents with OVER 200 vote differences in all the positions and such vote differences has never happened in the history FYC election before.

And first in the history of Finima Youth Congress, a woman to win and to become the Vice-chairman of the congress. Today the 1st Oct. will not only serve as Nigeria independence day, but also serve as Finima.