Bonny Island Marathon 2018

In the atmosphere of sport the kingdom of Grand Bonny is patiently awaiting the BONNY ISLAND MARATHON 2018, a 15km stamina race that is going to take place on Saturday the 15th day of December 2018, which is just 3days from now.

The Bonny Island Marathon 2018 promises to be one of the biggest sports, tourism and entertainment event in Rivers State and beyond. The event will record over 2, 000 participants of both genders equally represented between the ages of 18 – 60 years.

And the Winners will cart away a whooping sum of 100,000 which also covers a special spot reserved for the “IRON WOMAN”, this means, the Woman to complete the Marathon course first, and other consolation prizes/souvenirs for all participants.

DATE:15th December, 2018.
TIME: 6:00am
TAKE OF POINT: Finima Stadium
FINISH LINE: B. Y. F secretariat, Bonny.

BONNY ISLAND MARATHON 2018 will accommodate both registered and non registered participants.
Only fully registered participants will be given priority as it regards the cash prizes, tags and other major items.
Participants are currently undergoing a fitness to participate test (FPT) which have been made available by the BONNY ISLAND MARATHON organizers in collaboration with the the supporting Hospitals/Clinics, or to present a medical fitness test from any Government approved hospital. The organizers are really focused on this and as such any participant that fails to carry out his/her (FTP) will be disqualified automatically.

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