Chris Brown To Increase His Child Support Payments To Nia Guzman

Chris Brown, has agreed to ‘significantly’ increase child support payments to Nia Guzman, the mother of his four years old daughter Royalty following reports the pair have patched up their relationship.

The artiste currently pays her $2,500 a month but is set to increase the sum after months of discussions in mediation. While Chris, 29, is not planning to pay her the $21,000 a month requested,29, he has reportedly agreed to buy a house for Nia and will also pay her legal fees.

Brown in the past has argued that their daughter would be ‘spoilt’ if he increased his payments in line with Nia’s request or gave her the $250,000 in retroactive child support she had also asked for.

According to court documents, he said; ‘Providing a four-year-old with everything she demands could be harmful and is not in her best interest.’

The co-parents before now have had a very turbulent relationship but now appear to be in more amicable terms.

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