Simple Ways To Prepare American Styled Pancakes & Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is a wonderful dish made from rice that’s mixed using water or milk and some other ingredients such as cinnamon and raisins.

Below are the Recipes:

Rice 200g, Liquid Milk 300ml, Vanilla Essence, Groundnut to Garnish, Sugar 150g, You Parboil the rice, wash and Cook using the liquid milk make sure to add the sugar and vanilla one cap Cook till the rice gets marshy then bring out from heat garnish will extra milk and groundnut. And Boom! Your Rice Pudding i served.

How To Prepare American Styled Pancakes:

Simply method to prepare The American Styled Pancakes with this amazing recipes which will have you creating your very own Happiness.

Below are the Recipes:

Flour 200g, Butter 50g, Sugar 100g, Liquid Milk 150ml, Baking Powder, I tbsp Directions. Sieve your flour in a bowl add your sugar, melt your butter and pour inside stir in your milk till you get a smooth batter mixture allow to rest for 15 minutes den add your baking powder and pan fry with a little oil using the non stick frying pan or a griddle den garnish with honey or strawberry jam.

Credit: Esther Okeoghene Edward

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